About Me

My name is Fishel Jacobs.

This is my blog. It updates about my publishing, writing and speaking activities.

In my books I write about, well… whatever that book happens to be on. At the present time, it’s eight books, primarily on practical Talmudic law. But I’ve written popular non-fiction on subjects close to me.

In this blog I speak about current events, and my thoughts on other areas of the human experience in which I find interest or cause.

Factual info on me is found on my personal web site: www.RabbiJacobs.com.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy. I’d appreciate hearing from you.

I’ve called this blog Power Rabbi, because that’s the name of a finished, but pre-publication, literary memoir of mine: Power Rabbi — Karate Champ Prison Officer Author, A Journey.

And, it’s memorable. And, it’s kinda cool.

A lot of people have asked for a full-length profile/interview which appeared a while back. Here it to download, print out, or distribute freely. (The first link opens the full-resolution PDF, the second opens a slightly lower resolution copy.)

 Power Rabbi Profile (5.7 MB)

Power Rabbi Profile (3.6 MB)

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