Blacks – Their Leaders & Attitude In Life

(Photo for illustration only.)

(Photo for illustration only.)

Black leaders should stop encouraging dependence. And, do more to promote self-advancement in their community.

In this post, I’m uploading a video.

The other night, the three of us were casually seated around the dinner table. My friend, Shlomo, who comes from “the hood” in Detroit, a navy vet, high-tech guy and now a Chabad chosid, my son, and I got to talking.

Our discussion meandered onto the situation of the black community, their leaders and attitudes. For me, it was quite educating.

Besides, again, uploading some of this conversation, I’ll add some of my thoughts, as well.

I’m sharing this, of course, because of the potential benefit, for others, which is the  point of this blog.

A number of points rise out of our talk.

One, clearly too many of the black community leaders are not encouraging in wholesome directions. I was surprised to hear that an under riding sentiment in large segments of the US black community actually ostracize anyone who preaches going the mainstream societal flow. In other words: education, career advancement, personal development. Such attitudes can land the proponent an Uncle Tom label.

Black and educated

If that is true, it needs to be changed. That change has to come from within.

Something I’ve sensed for a long time also came out. That some, for one example, Mr. Al Sharpton, actually exploit painful elements of black history and experience not for the benefit of the group, but, rather, for the advancement of their own agenda.

That is morally wrong.

People by nature tend to trust that their leaders have their (i.e. the constituents’) best interest  at heart. That is true for any group.

As an aside, I’ll give an example closer to my camp.

I suspect that there might be other motives for the Prime Minister of Israel’s public obsession with the Iranian nuclear program. I’m not arguing that it’s not a top priority and needs to be addressed.Bibi Netanyahu

But, it also – not exclusively, just also – might serve as a convenient diversion from solving real problems in Israel. These are unprecedentedly higher taxes than anywhere in the world, controlling the, so called, Palestinian issue from, unjustifiably draining so much of our resources, and improving the economy.

I’m also skeptical of this obsession with ‘national-security, finding it ludicrous in light of the fact that they recently released dozens of convicted murderous terrorists, whose victims’ survivors are still very much alive, back into society. The mind boggles at the contradictory absurdity. Arguing national-security on the international podium, while at home, releasing men bent on Israel’s literal destruction, barely a few dozens miles over the border.

Back to the videos.

It seems self-aparent to me, that most people do not consider race, ethnicity or belief systems when interacting with others. Put in other words, I assume most people share my attitude: You view everyone according to their handshake, look in their eye and quality of character.


My friend thinks that is optimism at best. Closer to naivety. It was clearly not true in his own experience. He suffered racism, first-hand.

This clip signs off with my friend shrugging off, “we’re not there yet,” in terms of erasing racism. I hope he’s wrong.

Here’s another hope, that we all choose wisely between: Victim vs Victor.

That’s how I title two diverse approaches in life. In any given situation, you can always choose one or the other.

Victim mode means, you’ve chosen helplessness, powerlessness. The outcome to that mode is clear, it will be failure. It’s a direct result.

Victor mode means, you face up to the situation, you’re empowered. The outcome of that mode doesn’t always guarantee success. That depends on how hard you go for it.

It’s always a better choice than the first.

Another aside. I think the Israelis have chosen Victim mode, in terms of world press. And, they’re getting dumped on because of it. They’re acting like a deer caught in a car’s headlights. For no reason.

They should stand proud for what is rightfully ours. Period.

Anyhow, here is the conversation. Again, it’s a casual conversation, not an edited polished production. I hope it helps someone.


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