Clarity Gives Focus And Determination

The world used to be better.

The world used to be a better place. In those days, right was right. Wrong was wrong. The good guys were the good guys. The bad guys were the bad guys.

Communist regimes oppressive of the people’s rights. They were bad. We promoted individual rights. We were good.

Hitler was bad. The allied forces were good. Saddam was bad. The allied nations were good.

Boom. Boom. Boom. Good and bad. Right and wrong.

Only when things are clear can clear actions be taken. Clarity gives decisiveness. It gives focus. Without clarity, you have turmoil, chaos and suffering. That is the world we live in.

As the unsatisfactory cessation of fighting in Gaza hovers in the air, it’s important to reiterate some things for clarity.

The Gazan populace is one hundred percent behind the Hamas ideology. They represent a homogenous unit of people. Any individual who can not be counted as a Hamas supporter, is not because of ideology or aspirations. They may simply differ in their perception on the means of how to get there. But not the ideology.

The ideology as explicitly stated in the Hamas’ charter (available online), the battle cry and the what they are fighting for is to annihilate the seven million strong populace of an entire country. Gazans do not want or need a state of their own. That is preposition is totally ridiculous, and it always has been. They want to continue murdering, bombing, and ultimately erase the populace, elderly, sick, women, children, of an entire peace seeking nation. That is what their Charter says, what they say, and what their unprecedented, subhuman actions show.

Besides their hatred for the US and its values.

This last cease-fire was premature, and we will suffer from that in the future. However, as we assess the damage, both intended and collateral of the recent fighting, we must keep in mind the clarity of good and bad. Never loose sight of the clarity.

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