It’s All About Empowerment

Buckingham Palace I’d like to share with you a short, fun video clip.

But, first…

I returned recently from speaking in Belgravia, London. Belgravia, a section of London, is recorded as maybe the  most expensive neighborhood in the world. It borders Buckingham Palace. And, it’s owned by the King of England.

I had the great pleasure of meeting Rabbi Kalmanson, the Chabad shliach, and his partner and wife. That was even greater because they’re both Americans! He’s from New Haven Connecticut, near my home state, Vermont. She’s from Brooklyn, where I was born. Awesome. (photos & video later on)

I was there for three days, and spoke in the synagogue on Friday night and a couple of times on Saturday. There were 30-40 very wonderful couples. Philanthropists, prize-winning physicians, international businessman.

But, beyond their being successful and inspirational folks, they were all so warm and receiving. I loved every minute.

On Sunday we met the school, which — though Rabbi Kalmanson has only been there for two years — amazingly has over eighty kids!

Yes, you can.Anyhow, people ask me What is the main message whenever you speak? Actually, since I’ve been speaking a bunch lately, for clarity sake, I ask myself the same question.

So, I’d like to say this. It’s all about empowerment.

Empowerment means helping people find, within themselves, the strengths we all do—inside.

(video later on)

I always hope that if there’s one thing which I can possibly leave better than I came it’s: empowerment. That people feel just a little more in control of their destiny, their decisions and lives.

For example, on this trip,Inmate I spoke about my experiences working in Israel’s maximum security prisons for thirteen years as an officer. Stories of inmates who inspired me. How they survived and grew.

I told the story behind the upcoming movie they wrote based on my prison service memoir. In that story my warden, Major Roni Nitzan, was brought in as the first warden to my prison. His goal was to reform it.

For years he fought drugs and violence to do that. He received death threats as well as attacks on him and his family. He was murdered on Dec. 13, 1981 by one of our inmates.

But, his reform took hold. Now, Israel is one of the world leaders in prison reform and Major Roni Nitzaneducation. And it’s all because of his self sacrifice.

I spoke about my karate training. How, my instructors put me through years of grinding training. Running through the snow barefoot. Thousands of repetitions, hours of sweat daily. But, their message was always clear, The purpose of training is not only to fight. It’s to make you a better person in everything else you do in life.

So, when out there, I tell stories. But, the ultimate goal is: Empowerment.

There isn’t much video because these talks were on the Sabbath. However, afterwards and on Sunday morning we did get some shots.

I’ll share them with you now. In them, we take a hands-on view towards empowerment. Giving some of the community members and school kids a hands-on chance to instantaneously increase their own confidence.

Thanks for watching.

Now, you know the goal: If you can dream it, you can do it. Do it.

The message: When you run out of places to find strength, look deeper inside.

Finally, always remember: Life without humor…….. is not funny.

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