Helen Thomas—et al

It was barely one day, and that which makes us proud to be Americans within our society made its best attempt to right the wrong.

Helen Thomas has been, at least temporarily, removed from the public arena.

But, is this latest removal from her Hearst Papers post and stripped of her White House access enough?

I do not think so. The audacity of her attitude, and the quick public outcry are, indeed, encouraging.

But they raise even more serious questions. Central to which is: Where was the outcry until now?

In the case of this woman, she is almost 90, and hasn’t begun speaking barely this week.

In the case of all the other Helen Thomases, spewing those words, in the world, where is the outcry?

Political correctness  has, thankfully, permeated our society. The “N” word can no longer be spoken, unless between blacks. The “S” word, referring to a Spanish speaker, would never be uttered. We have learned to respect people of different sexual orientations. In some spheres, we are cautioned not to mention radical Islam, because anything “radical” does not have anything to do with the “real” Islam. In courts of law, judges refer to the most horrific serial murderers before sentencing, as “sir,” or “Mr.”

We have eradicated any judgemental lexicon from all public and private communication.

So, how did Helen Thomas, and those of her persuasion, get away with such vehemence for almost ninety years?

The answer is quite simple.

Political correctness isn’t a blanket coverage. It only reaches as far as those who demand it, usually vigorously, or violently. It is not for the meek.

It does not apply for Israel. It certainly does not apply to the West Bank settlers. And, some may believe, it doesn’t always apply for Jews.

“Israeli aggression”, is self understood. It’s become a phrase.

But, for those of us Americans living there—who actually know intimately the people and events involved—we don’t understand where this phrase gets its legitimacy.

In the media, the term Settler has become synonymous with aggression, occupation. This too goes uncontested. It’s part of the lexicon.

However, those of us living here know these people personally. The great majority are the most benevolent people in the world, and mean no harm to even their attackers. They just want to be left in peace.

The answer is clear. In a world where showing a hand drawn picture of Muhammad will draw death threats. Where angry gays will storm their legislature to demand equal rights. Where everyone who demand them, gets rights, they will get justice.

Granted, we Jews shy from protest, we feel more comfortable in the world of literature, academics, science. Fine. The world expects us to be civil, and we all should be.

The proper conclusion to Helen Thomas’ “career” is proof that good, justice, and intelligence, can indeed prevail. Thank G-d for this wonderful part of our American society.


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