Inviting Ideas For Future Two Kings – Installments

Cover for Two Kings (1) - Children's Series

Cover for Two Kings (1) – Children’s Series

 Inviting Ideas For Upcoming

Two Kings Installments


We’re moving forward with the Two Kings children’s book series. For me, and us, this is extremely exciting. Really, I personally love this series.

We’re inviting input regarding future installments.

The series always features a protagonist, David (8-10), who has is faced with a personal dilemma. We watch the inner dialogue between his Good King and Bad King, through each installment.

Cover from Two Kings (2).

Cover from Two Kings (2).

Two Kings (1) – Let’s Play: Showed David charged to watch his baby sister. His friends call him from outside to play. Should he go out with the carriage? Leave the baby?

Two Kings (2) – It’s My Turn: Showed David on the computer enjoying some down time. His older sister, Debbie, asks to use it for a pressing school project due the next morning. What will he do?

Cover from Two Kings (1) Hebrew edition.

Cover from Two Kings (1) Hebrew edition.

Two Kings (3) – is in preparation for publication.

Each installment focuses on one dilemma, only. We’re open for suggestions for future dilemmas. Things which you, readers/parents/educators would like to see covered.

(The English series is distributed by IsraelBookShopPublications.)

Fishel Jacobs

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