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“The lower one falls, the higher

his spirit may then rise.” — Kabballa

For the first time ever, Major Fishel Jacobs shares the exclusive and revealing story about life inside Israel’s maximum-security prisons. Absolutely bursting at the seams with murderers, terrorists, ‘white-collar’ and common culprits, the I.P.S. (Israel Prison Service) contains a seemingly inexhaustible supply of secrets, stories, and incredible journeys.

For thirteen years, Jacobs devoted his life as the only American officer and hand-to-hand combat instructor in the I.P.S. His first-hand account describes the treacherous conditions, suffering and despair that is commonly associated with prison life.

Jacobs quickly reveals another side of the story. As the chaplain, it was Jacobs who had to sew together the pieces of these inmates’ broken souls. The derelicts shared their darkest moments, as well as their most luminescent hopes and dreams. He discovered that prisons are ultimately responsible for healing, growth and hope.

Coffee Melts Bars proudly shares that message of hope. It is we who allow our lives to be imprisoned behind bars. Yet, we have been given the power to choose to be free.

A must-read for anyone who wants to know the enlightening reality of life-behind bars — or the meaning of hope, when there simply couldn’t be.

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Born and raised in the US, Fishel Jacobs received his BA from the University of Vermont. An eighth degree Master karate instructor, Jacobs has published eight non-fiction books, including works on difficult areas of Talmudic law in-use worldwide. Retired from prison service work, he now spends his time writing, speaking, and inspiring worldwide.

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