Israeli Army Wrong – This Father Right

Proud SoldierProud father is dead right. Period.

Last week, Israel had yet another ridiculous situation. A soldier was doing his job in one of the most dangerous cities in the world, Hebron. Hebron is a hotbed of Islamic hatred and violence.

The encounter was videotaped. An Islamic local taunted — up front in his face — the Israeli soldier. The Islamic made physical contact. The soldier cocked his rifle.

BTW, the soldier’s name was David Admov (for whoever wants to look it up).

The video depicts that the soldier was surrounded by other Islamics, and apparently alone.

Now, any of this alone would warrant cocking your rifle. My gosh! Look at any YouTube video of any encounter with a law enforcement officer anywhere in the world. U.S., England, anywhere.

Get in their face, you get thrown down. Exhibit potential violent behavior, you get cuffed. Touch a law-enforcement agent anywhere in the world, and they will draw their weapon.

And they should. I have been there. When it got dirty and dangerous in the prison service we had one order from our Prison Warden and/or Security Officer: Make sure you go home safe and sound to your wife and family tonight. Period.

This David didn’t go to Hebron on vacation. He wasn’t out minding his business. He was conscripted by the country of Israel for mandatory military service. He was drafted, perhaps against his will, but drafted.

He ended up in Hebron. Anyone who knows anything about Israel knows that the Islamic locals are particularly violent. This last century’s bloody history of mass murders of innocent Jews there speaks for itself.

David was alone, surrounded by these guys. The video shows a very loud vocal exchange. Physical contact is made. The soldier cocks his weapon and radios for backup.

It’s pretty straightforward.

Except that there are a lot of cowards, and confused people in Israel. As soon as the video got out, the ‘story’ went viral. A Facebook page went up. Tens (or was it hundreds) of thousands of Israelis immediately got behind this soldier.

What was the Israeli army’s reaction? His immediate officers condemned David’s actions.

Condemned his actions?!

Then we read statements from the I.D.F. Spokesman’s office. Also condemning.

These men are warped and sick.

With commanders like these, who needs enemies. David’s commander(s) are not worthy of leading combat units.

A few moments ago. I read a well worded Open Letter from a father to his son, now serving in the army. I saw it on the Arutz Sheva news site. Here it is in its entirety. It speaks for itself.

“Lior, my dear son,

“Don’t listen to the stupid instructions that allow a hostile young Palestinian man with brass knuckles in his hand come within arm’s length of an IDF soldier. Raise your weapon and threaten, with toughness, whoever dares come close to you or to the soldiers under your command, and make threatening gestures.

“The IDF Spokesman said yesterday that ‘the soldier’s behavior was anomalous and out of line with what is expected of him.’

“I am telling you, Lior, that the IDF Spokesman’s behavior was anomalous and out of line with what is expected of him.

“I would expect the IDF Spokesman not to issue such a ridiculous announcement, which mocks the imposible situation that the state of Israel sends our boys to face every day and every hour. I would expect that the Israeli government and IDF commanders would give full backing to the soldier on the ground – in this case, a combat soldier carrying out fuzzy orders in an impossible situation. But predictably, they did not do so.

“This outrageous story proves, again, the absurd, dangerous and impossible nature of the situation we’ve put our heads into, in controlling a hositle civilian population.

“If you should find yourself in such a dangerous predicament, in which Palestinian youths approach you to within touching distance, I – your father – command you to do the right thing. I was in similar situations many times, in the past, and I know how dangerous they can be, I trust you and the values you were brought up on, and which you have adopted as your own, never to hurt the innocent, never to exhibit cruelty, never to humiliate a man. But I also trust you to take care of yourself and of your soldiers.

“And if, G-d forbid, you have to do what needs to be done, I swear that I will defend you against whoever fails to give you backing, whoever evades responsibility, all of those who won’t stand up for the soldiers that they themselves send to defend a bad policy that makes no sense.

“My dear Lior, I prefer to see you cock your gun and maybe even shoot, rather than see a single hair fall from your head.

“Love you, Dad.”

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