New Jewish Year – Full Of Energy

New YearNew Jewish Year, and full of energy.

We’re at that time of year. It’s the first day following the month of holidays.

In terms of time, it’s the ‘first day’ of this new year. It’s a day which is designed to be full of energy, a restart. Moving forward.

There’s a sport’s saying: ‘Inspiration gets you going. Habit gets you there.’

That doesn’t really need any further explanation.

But, for my friends (and myself), here are the goals. Just a brief word, these are the ‘professional,’ or public goals, at it were. Of course, the family goals, helping the kids etc., as well as personal ones, are not listed here.

Here goes.

This is the year to push forward in these two areas, everything which has been either on a back burner or not promoted enough.

This is the year we go over the top in these two areas: Publishing & Speaking.

The details don’t matter for this Post. The list is long, but this is the year. Will keep our friends updated.

By the way, when we say publishing and speaking, that includes the movie. We’re going to make sure the companies push that through. Check back soon.

Also, you should know. It ain’t just me who should be moving forward on past and present projects – with gusto.

You should too! Remember, the guy who said: You only live once… was wrong.

It should read: You only die once. You live every day.

Go do it.

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