Campus Talk: November Talks So Far

מכללת ספיר

Sapir College, in Shderot, where I spoke Nov. 10 and 23.

2015 is less emphasis on publishing,

absolutely more connected with the public.

As I said at the beginning of this year, 2015 will begin a new period. Less dedication, though not completely, to publishing, but absolutely more dedication to speaking and connecting with the public.

Look, for decades I was focused on publishing. That’s a huge effort. Family Purity took ten years to write. 3,000 legal footnotes! Coffee Melts Bars – My Israeli Prison Career took five years to publish. Two Kings – Children’s series has taken years.

Heck, the movies they’re doing on my books have taken a decade, though one is wrapping up these months.

But, as of the beginning of this year, we announced and have been following through with more connecting directly with the public, people. New period.

Here’s November’s campus appearances, till now. And we’re not over.

This is just the campus talks. Community, radio, magazine etc. are in addition.

November is pretty packed. We’re scheduling further on. We’ve done a lot of Europe. Except for some talks where I could bring Miriam, not looking for Europe, too much. Open for talks in the States.

Nov. 4 – Kfar Sitrin, Vocational School

Kfar Sitrin, vocational school, where I spoke this month.

Kfar Sitrin, vocational school.

Kfar Sitrin, vocational school

Kfar Sitrin, vocational school

Nov. 10 – and 23, Sapir College, Shderot

Sapir College, in Sheroot, near Gaza, where I spoke twice this month.

Sapir College, in Sheroot, down south near Gaza.

Nov. 11 – Netanya University


מכללת נתניה

Netanya University

Netanya University

Netanya University

Nov. 22 – Haifa Medical School

Haifa Medical School

Haifa Medical School

Haifa medical students

Haifa medical students

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