Israel, Palestinians & The Two State Lie

About Israel, Palestinian lies, falsity of two-State concept. Pat Condell

A clear, precise take on issues pertaining to Israel and the so called Palestinians.

Quite fascinating how, once in a while, you find someone who says truth clearly. This guy says it clearly.

Periodically, we post articles or material produced by other people, of note. Albeit, this talk is not new, per se, it is, really, quite unique in its crystal sharp succinctness.

This gentleman really accents, in short words the Israeli, Palestinian problem particularly regarding the ridiculous two-state ‘solution.’

There are numerous versions of the saying that: If you repeat a lie long enough and brazenly enough, people will believe it.

There’s something in human nature which wants “to believe.” There’s something in human nature which wants to defend the underdog. And, there’s also something in human nature which is attracted to brazen lies.

Put all these elements together, and you’ve got the recipe for the “Palestinian plight.”

This Pat Condell really says it well. Every word in his little monologue is really crafted well. Remarkable writing.

Obviously, Mr. Condell has numerous ideas which, to put it mildly, we can’t say we agree. However, he does have a quick mind, and it’s worth looking over some of his other monologues.

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