Right Is Right — The Flotilla Was Dead Wrong

People need to get it into their heads, that Israel is actually a country. They have to stop calling it a State. And Israel has to stop defending its right to protect itself.
It’s all enough to make you sick.
The international condemnations began—as usual—even before the event finished.
A bunch of boats fill themselves up with all kinds of goodies—whose contents will shortly be discovered to be primarily supplies for Hamas—for the saints and wonderful citizens of Gaza. It take a few weeks. All kinds of publicity seeking folks: European MP types, a couple of authors, some thugs, others who can’t hold down a job, and G-d only knows who else, get on board.
Now, these people didn’t get lost on a fishing trip. They knew where they were going, and for what. They yearned to make Israel look bad.
On every step of their media drenched way, they announced their intentions to ignore the security blockade—come hell of high water. We’re gonna show the world that we don’t acknowledge an Israeli blockade. In fact, we don’t even acknowledge it’s a country. After all, everyone calls it a State.
And, with every stop, with every wave, the Israelis explain to them, to the world, on the net, on radio, in the papers:
Hey! There’s a blockade, guys. We have a government. We have six million people who vote. This ain’t Lebanon, or Iran, or one of those places. We don’t force our wives to cover their faces. We don’t kill gay couples. We have freedom of the press.
We have a parliament. An army. And there’s a legal, democratic blockade on Gaza– for national security reasons.
But, this bunch of philosophers keep sailing. The Israelis land on the ships—peacefully. And, the minute they do, hundreds of “peace” demonstrators attack the—with axes, knives and handguns.
But the Israeli army came ready, this time: Laugh’s on you guys: We brought video cameras. We shot the whole thing.
And barely did the world’s condemnations begin, and Israel was already showing it was all one big defense on their part. The Israelis were defending themselves.
And there are now a dozen less homicidal humanitarians.
All because of this one incorrect notion that Israel is only a State. It’s not a country with laws. And a blockade is not a blockade.
But, there’s one way to fix that notion. To prove it really is a country, like America.
And here are the steps:
One: Every one of the blockade busters must be tried in a court of law. They must be sentenced appropriately.
Two. When this is done, if their countries of origin wants them, they need to make extradition requests. Like for any criminal.
Three. These countries of origin should be made to pay for all of the expenses of these trials, of the expenses to the Israeli army and to the families of the hurt soldiers.
Four. Every one of these countries must make sure this type of atrocity never happens by their citizens again, certainly not under their jurisdiction.


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