Same Sex Attractions – Gender Affirmation

Happy Older CoupleAcknowledging that a problem exists is the first step to escaping from it.

By nature, I prefer to always focus on the positive. To put a different spin on that, I try to avoid touching on problems, per se.

Perhaps that will change with time. But, until now, that’s been my modus operandi.

Unfortunately, the same-sex marriage movement has spread in recent years to many different places, affecting many different groups of people. I believe that society will eventually, to throw out a number, let’s say ten to fifteen years, come around to alter its current view.

In our own lifetimes, we’ve witnessed many trends, attitudes, movements, come into the media and the public’s favor, only to about-face a decade later. This, however, is conjecture, nothing more.

All said, this is not my personal subject. Mine is Jewish Family Purity. Strengthening that — whether through publication, answering emails, lecturing — is “my thing” in life.

There is, however, an overlap between the two. Same-sex marriage is a sensitive issue. In this blog, I won’t be writing on it. Again, because, it is not my personal subject.

I would say, however, that I am an adamant believer in marriage. I, personally, believe that the traditional institution of marriage, and family, is G-d’s gift to mankind.

There is nothing, in my mind, more beautiful than couples growing older, raising families. That is the reason I spend so much time writing, answering questions and lecturing on the subject.

The purpose of this post is to enrich. I recently found a well-done site which deals on this subject. I want to bring it to my readers’ attention. Perhaps it can be of benefit to others.

Here is the link:

I’d particularly like to draw people’s attention to two documents posted there. One is a letter from the Lubavitcher Rebbe to a man with same-sex tendencies. The other is a longer dissertation, again by the Rebbe, dealing with this situation from other aspects.

For convenience, I’m attaching them here:

Rebbe-English-Rights or Ills

Rebbe-Hebrew-Rights or Ills


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