Shalit Deal Is Bad Deal

By this time, the Shalit deal is behind us, for the most part.

Shalit is finally reunited with his family. Israel is going to slowly continue releasing these murderers and scum back into the world.

Whoever wanted their day in the press, got it. No one, really, is going to be following the release of these madmen and crud. That’s not great headline material.

So, we’ve got a brief reprieve to glance back at what we’ve just seen transpire before our very eyes.

And hope it never happens again.

We’ve got one destroyed Israeli life – Shalit, himself. Five years in Hamas captivity is going to take a toll, as the psychologists will tell us. We’ve got his poor family, G-d bless them for courage rarely seen today.

We’ve got tens of thousands of good citizens who’ve lost family and friends to these animals’ attacks, who will suffer for the rest of their lives at seeing cold-blooded killers walking the streets as free men.

It’s mind-boggling. Untold millions of tax-payer dollars went into trying these men and women. Many got multiple life-sentences — and now 1,027 of them are free. In essence, Bibi has declared that law of the land is insignificant in Israel. So why did they try them in the first place?

Perhaps the worst thing of this entire fiasco is the empowering of our enemies and the unavoidable damage it’s going to cause. Hamas, Fatah and all the offshoot arms of evil are explicitly stating the obvious: We’re intending to kidnap more Shalits. And thank you, Bibi, for proving that violence and disrespect for all norms of civility pays off.

In recent days, we’ve seen calls for normal behavior to begin returning to our society here in Israel. The first is a call to execute the Fogel family murderers. This is an old idea, which should have been implemented immediately at the time. It’s not too late, and needs to be done.

Another call is that Israel begins carrying out the court-issued death sentences on these criminals. Thousands still sit in our prisons, as I know from personal experience. If every wannabe Islamic freedom fighter knows that Israel does, indeed, execute murderers, there can be no better deterrent than that. To the contrary, keeping these men and women alive is the worst incentive to follow their footsteps. It keeps the hope alive that all criminals can and will eventually become pawns in future prisoner exchanges.

The last call is to finally pop the balloon of hope in an imaginary peace. You can not make peace with armed murderers openly declaring their aspiration and striving to destroy you and your country. You can not defend your own people, as we have just seen with this Shalit horror, when you deny them protection from violent enemies.

The call for Israel to realize we need to fight back, contain and strangle the unrelenting enemies around us is growing. And it is time.

Israel needs to show the fighting spirit. It still exists in the hearts of many. The only way to win any war, even one which is forced upon you, such as the one with the so-called Palestinians, is to take it to the enemy.

Wars are won going forward.

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