Campus Talk: Haifa Medical School

2015-11-22 23.14.24I spoke at the Haifa Medical school, last night.

This was part of the Chabad on Campus program of which I’m fortunate enough to be one of the speakers. This year, there are somewhere above thirty representative Rabbis on different campuses throughout Israel. (The campus movement is worldwide.)

On each campus, these rabbis give a few courses, which are all basically from the same centralized manual. So, there’s some consistency across the board. In Israel, there’s a good few thousand students in these courses.

The director and cinematographer who are doing the documentary on my life story were supposed to meet me up there in Haifa to film the talk. That’s because it was in English and we thought it’d fit into the movie.2015-11-22 23.13.54

Uh…, well I kind of made a mistake and gave the director the wrong date… Duh…

So, driving on the way up there I called and asked if they had set out yet… You guessed it. They thought it was the next day.

No big deal, I’ll setup another talk in English in a few weeks.

I’ll try to upload some of the video shortly. We had a great time.

2015-11-22 23.14.19



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