Talk: Women’s Convention

I had the pleasure of speaking to the women’s convention today in the city of Be’er Sheva. My subject was the laws and customs of family life, (which is also the subject of seven of my books.) I had a wonderful time. It was an hour drive there, an hour drive back. The weather was wonderful. The audience was very attentive and appreciative.


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After my talk, we had a book signing, which was very nice. Since there were a lot of mothers, and  a lot of educators, a lot of people wanted copies of the Two Kings book, either for their own kids, or their own students.

Amongst the people in the audience, were the wife of a high-ranking police officer and a wife of a fellow prison officer with whom I served. Wow. It was great just signing a couple of copies of my prison memoir, Coffee Melts Bars. I know it’s unpopular today, but as retired law-enforcment myself, I do respect law-enforcement people.

Anyhow, I realized why are like such events, talking about my books signing them, intermingling with the public. It’s because I actually love my books! (LOL)

I’m slated to speak in a city down south tomorrow night to a group of around thirty teachers. Will keep you updated.

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