The Real Purging Of Gaza

thWe have been through it before in Gaza and in the West Bank. It’s a recurring story.

Israel is attacked. Israel restrains. The attacks continue. Israel continues to restrain. Eventually it becomes too much to bear. Years of sucking it up well up within the guts of Israeli society. A justified indignation bursts forth. Israel retaliates.

Unfortunately, the cycle doesn’t end there. It continues. Israel somehow squeezes out a sort of victory, arguable or not. Then, the calculations begin. That’s when the seedlings of error are planted.

At this point, Israel always capitulates. They want to save lives. They don’t seek vengeance. They don’t wish to reek havoc. Israel just wants to get back to life.

Finally, come the mistakes which guarantee that the cycle will begin once again. It may take two years, five or even seven. But there will be more war.

Besides unconditional surrender—total destruction and havoc to anything even vaguely connected to Hamas, we will be back in the next war within a couple of years.

Hamas’ charter demands the destruction of the country of Israel and genocide of its population.

Imagine what I just wrote. Imagine in modern times such a charter.

Political correctness in the States forbids use of the “N” word, joking which denigrates homosexuality, any speech would could be contrived as insulting to anyone or any group. Western society today strives to be politically correct even in our jokes, in our every day life.

Yet Hamas, and mainstream Islamic clerics and leaders, outright—publicly—call for the genocide of my entire people. If this is not outrageous, nothing is.

But, the thought that Israel can eventually see this current battle die down yet allow any vestige of Hamas or its sick philosophy will itself guarantee its rebirth. Hamas—and the elephant in the room, Islam—are like cancerous cells. Their entire being, their cause for existence, is to multiply, conquer and destroy anything which is not them.

Anyone who has been unfortunate enough to see cancer treatment up close knows the sad truth. Even after ‘successful’ operations, and extended treatment they’re always watching. For years they continue treatments and observe. It’s all for one purpose. To make sure that no cells remain. It’s not a matter of percentage. It’s not like if there are only two percent cancerous cells remaining, you’re “good to go.”

Even a few cancerous cells endanger the entire person.

Unfortunately, Gaza like many cities controlled by Islam in Israel, is a hotbed of hatred. That’s the reality in Israel. It’s the reality around the world. Israel can’t fix the rest of the world, but it certainly should fix this.

Israel can not allow Gazans to rule themselves. They are incapable. History has already shown us that. Whether it’s because the fundamentalists will always rule is one reason. Another is that there’s simply too much money to be made. Hamas loves war. Reports have over 800 millionaires in Gaza who’ve used extortion, and blackmail to gain personal wealth. Some Hamas leaders are billionaires.

But for the simple citizens in Gaza the cycle will ensure they never have normal lives. They will never see a generation who wants a better future. A peaceful productive one. The cycle will ensure that Gazans will be doomed for eternal hell. Two generations have proven they’re incapable of joining modern times.

The only one who can do that is Israel. Israel is fantastic in governing. They know how to have real elections. They know how to tax. Israel is one of the highest taxed countries in the world. But, by and large, they build things with that money. Israel knows how to legislate. Israel knows how to educate. Look at how many professionals are roaming that country. They know how to enforce civility. Israel is very good at enforcing all of these things.

And, the reality is that Israel will have to do it for the Gazans. For the sake of the Gazans and for the peace of Israel.



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