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Sitting in OfficeWith our upcoming books, we’re changing gears.

As I promised, we’re changing gears. I like to say this: Till now, we were spending ninety plus percent of our time writing, only around ten percent speaking. Now, we’re aiming to switch those numbers: Ninety plus speaking…

We’re speaking about the publishing of Coffee Melts Bars — My Israeli Prison Career. Final preparations for its publication and worldwide distribution are being done, now. It will appear in English and Hebrew almost simultaneously.

This should be announced well before year’s end.

Simultaneously, we’re putting final touches on Power Rabbi — Karate Champ, Prison Officer, Author – A Man’s Journey.

Anyone and everyone who is involved in book writing and publishing knows how all-consuming those activities are. One famous author once said (something to this spirit): “It’s not hard to write. I simply sit in front of my computer and open one of my veins.”

By far, my most difficult writing has been, the now classic (thank G-d), Family Purity — A Guide To Marital Fulfillment. That took ten years to polish before its first printing. (Now, we’re readying for the eighth printing, which will also be the first expanded edition.)

Coffee Melts Bars and Power Rabbi, though not on practical Talmudic law, did take many years to polish. The reality is that anything in the printed arena demand exactitude. When you speak, people can forgive a joke, hum-haw, here and there. When you write, your mistakes remain right in front of the reader. Forever.

Now that these books are all slated for publication — Coffee Melts Bars is being published/distributed together with my dear friend, Ilan, under his Gefen Publishing, a fantastic publisher who does remarkable work — we’re changing gears.

From here on, we’re taking (not all, we simply can’t physically accept all talking invitations) a lot lot more talking engagements. Call it book promotion. Call it getting out more. Call it connecting with the public. Call it what you want.

Here are a few of the places listed for this coming month. I’ll be keeping this list updated.

  • Dec. 2 — College of Managerial Management; Rishon, Israel
  • Dec. 14 — Sapir College; Ashkelon, Israel
  • Dec. 22 — Medical School; Haifa, Israel
  • Jan. 5 — Netanya University; Netanya, Israel

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